Alexander Prange

February 2014-  


As a child, what did you dream of becoming?

As a kid growing up I always wanted to become a professional athlete. As a kid, I would spend countless hours outside (no matter the weather) pretending I was scoring the game winning run, touchdown or basket. That was my favorite was to avoid schoolwork.


How did your friends/family react when you told them you wanted to be a model?

Honestly people were very supportive. I never grew up wanting to be a model, it’s just something that kind of came about. My friends actually encouraged me to try it before I ever considered it. My buddies told me I should look into it and eventually it worked out. They always take the credit for it these days which I find funny. As for the girls, they seem to like it haha. I started modeling in college and as soon as I had some success girls paid much more attention to me, which I don’t hate. My family has always been very close to they are super supportive. They love to hear my stories about traveling and job experiences. They act like I’m famous even though I am far from it. That always cracks me up.  


What has been your greatest accomplishment so far

I’d have to say my greatest accomplishment was being included in the August Man editorial last summer for Christian Rios. I don’t know too much about fashion but Christian is a good friend of mine and that editorial earned me a lot of great exposure. To know that I was in a magazine that thousands of people read is kind of surreal. 


Who inspires you in the industry?

Fashion is quite an interesting industry. I wouldn’t say I really look up to other models but I do respect all the other guys. I am constantly inspired by everyone I meet who works hard and diligently. I am inspired by most people I work with because they are considerate and enjoyable to work with. I am however inspired by people that serve in the armed forces, such as my cousin. I have the utmost respect for the men and women that sacrifice all they have to ensure Americans are safe.


What aspects of your job do you like best/least?

Although there is less enjoyable part of every job I realize how fortunate I am to be able to do the job I do. I really do enjoy working with people who are inspired by hard work and imagination. I think the people I work with and traveling are the most enjoyable part. However sometimes traveling can be frustrating and tiring. Early morning flights are not my cup of tea but I realize there are worse things in this world. 


Describe your style in terms of fashion

As far as fashion goes I am still learning what my look is. Fashion is always changing and I only really started paying attention to it once I stated working after college. I like to be comfortable in my clothes. My style in terms of fashion would be a rugged pair of boots with a nice worm pair of jeans and a button down shirt with a leather/casual jacket. However I really enjoy dressing up in a tie and jacket or even a suit. I don’t think people wear suits enough these days and girls love a man in a suit. 


What makes you happy?

If I could only have two things in my life I would choose my dog and my family. I’m a simple kind of guy who enjoys the simple things. I’m a huge dog lover. I have had labs all my life and they are my favorite breed of dog. (I can’t handle the little dogs.) I realize I would be nowhere without the love and support of my family. I love traveling back home and spending time with them and catching up. 


What is your favorite song at the moment, and of all time?

My favorite song of all time is Cold Hard Bitch by JET. I LOVE that song. At the moment, I like Counting Starts by One Republic or HAPPY by Pharrell Williams


What are some of your favorite movies?

Pretty much anyone that knows me knows I love the Batman films. I love Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan and the Batman trilogy they filmed. I also enjoy Inception by Nolan. I’m a huge Tom Hanks Fan as well so I enjoy many of the films he is in such as Saving Private Ryan and Road to Perdition.


Which three people do you find most inspiring, why?

Like I said earlier, I am most inspired by those in the military especially in the Special Forces the Green Berets, Delta Force and Navy Seals. I am also inspired by great actors. Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, James Franco, James Dean, Alexander McQueen,  Joe Manganiello, Tyrese Gibson, Timothy Olyphant and most recently Matthew McConaughey after his role in Dallas Buyers Club. I find it extremely interesting the way those guys prepare for roles and the approaches they take to give an outstanding performance. 


What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

My biggest guilty pleasure would have to be fast food and sweets. 


Describe yourself in 5 words

Athletic, Compassionate, Selfless, Eager, Faithful


Which living person do you admire most?

I don’t know if I can pick one person I admire most. I admire lots of people for their talents, drive and passions. However if I had to pick I think I would choose one of my pastors growing up. Dr. Art Haimerl was an older man that was extremely knowledgeable about many things. I always admired his brutal honesty and sincere nature. Art was a man who always preached about the ability of people to change and help others. He was the kind of man that never turned anyone away but he would not shy away lecturing people about the harsh realities of addiction, trouble and affliction in life. He was one of the nicest people I ever met and he was very rational in his approach to situations and the ability to overcome difficulties. Although he passed away a few years ago I will never forget him. He really opened my eyes to the way people should be treated as they go through tough times and how the power of faith. 


What do you most value in people?​

I have learned a lot in the last few years. I have been through some difficult situations that I put myself in and I have lost things that I took for granted. Because of this I have come to value the nature of honesty and genuine respect. I have learned that people should always be respected and not taken for granted. I value hard work and determination and the drive for success (outside of earning money). I value the morals people hold and the ability to stay true to good character and appreciation of others. 


What is your idea of the perfect date?

My idea of the perfect date would be a nice candlelight dinner outside under the starts with a beautiful, genuine girl. After dinner we’d go dancing and spend the rest of the night doing spontaneous things.


Name 3 things people don't know about you

  1. I have a younger sister that I am extremely proud of.

  2. I am a religious man.

  3. I saved my sister from drowning when I was seven years old. 


What is your motto?

“It’s not who I am underneath, it is what I do that defines me.”


Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

In three years I would like to be acting in films. I would like to spend some time traveling around the world working while also volunteering for the less fortunate people in needy areas and circumstances. I would like to start a charity or be an active participant in humanitarian aid organizations. 


Any last words?

Like I said earlier I am a pretty simple kind of guy. I like to cherish the relationships I build with people that I meet in my life. I value what people think of me and I try to exemplify the good nature of people by helping others. I have an unquenched thirst for knowledge and discovery because I have a strong imagination and I am very curious. I love nature and the capability of the human body and mind. I think the world is a beautiful place and I love the question the universe and the purpose of my existence. I like women, dogs, long walks on the beach and good books (haha). 

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