Kenneth "Kenny" Brain

Big Brother Canada Season 2 -

February 2015 


What did you want to become when you were growing up?

I wanted to be a paediatrician.



Well the thing is, I didn't ever really set out to become a model. I moved to Montreal about a year and a half ago, someone from the marketing department of a pretty big retail chain saw my instagram and offered me a shoot. I accepted. Which led to another shoot and then a contract. So it kind of snowballed from there. Now, when I did tell my family they were nothing but supportive and happy for the experience I was about to go through. We're all pretty close.


How long have you been modelling for?

Since the move from Newfoundland to Montreal which was technically two Octobers ago. 2013. 


Further more, how did they react when you told them you had been chosen as a contestant for the second edition of Big Brother Canada

Well I didn't tell them lol! We are not allowed to tell a soul before you go on the show. So they were a little confused as to why they couldn't reach me for a while until they turned on their TV and saw it was announced. Needless to say they were shocked. As I was to be chosen for such a wild ride! My mom was nervous for me the whole time and said I wasn't getting enough hugs on the show (mom's baby boy and all) and dad thought it was really cool to watch his son compete on national television. Both of my sisters are probably two of my best friends so they were supportive but so stressed the whole time I was on the show. 


Has being on "Big Brother Canada" helped or tarnish your career as a model?

I mean. Both I think. Doors opened that wouldn't have opened before and some doors that might have been open were closed. There is always pros and cons to every situation and this was an experience that I wanted regardless of what the outcome was. IT'S BIG BROTHER! Potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity and You don't let opportunity pass you by. 


What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

That's a hard question to answer. I'm proud of a lot of things I've accomplished. I graduated from University. I raised a dog who is the picture of perfection (biased opinion obviously), I moved to Montreal with nothing but two bags and my dogs and have since got a modelling contract, been on covers of magazines, been on a nationally televised reality show and have traveled North America afterwards. I now have a great job at a financing firm here in Montreal and model/act on the  side when I can. I'm proud of every step of the way that's brought me here so it's really hard to pinpoint. Probably the move from Newfoundland to here just because it really pushed me outside my Comfort zone which is when you really grow as a person. So yeah, the move I think!


Let's talk about your physique for a moment, how many hours (per week) do you spend working out?

Usually it ranges anywhere from 4 to 6 hours a week. I mean, I love staying active but I only really 'work out' an hour a day, from 4-6 days a week. And that's usually including one or two hot yoga classes. I don't want to live in the gym. You can find ways that will get you in shape but don't necessarily mean you have to spend your life in the gym. Hiking with my dog, snowshoeing, swimming, yoga...


Even male models get criticized for their looks, one season it seems that "ultra-thin" is in, while the next it is "healthy" that is in, have you ever felt the pressure to look a certain way?

I won't lie. I have. When I first started. I really went hard at the gym. Was watching what I ate like crazy. As time has progressed, I've realized this is a blessing and a great experience but not the controlling factor in my life. So live how you want to live and your experiences will match it. You just have to be comfortable with yourself and that shows no matter what stage of fitness you are in. 


Who inspires you in the industry?

Ricki Hall, Chris John Millington, Billy Huxley. A couple more UK models with giants beards I follow pretty regularly. Greats beards. Great style, and are killing it. 


What aspects of your job do you like best/least?

Well my current job with the finance firm is very intense and fast paced but I enjoy it thoroughly. It's challenging but I like being pushed. As for the modelling I would say my favourite is seeing an editorial and being like, "Wow. That's me!" It still kinda blows me away sometimes. My least favourite is probably the fact that I have to consult my agency if I want to change my look. Tattoos. Beard length. Hair. Whatever. That's their business so I understand but sometimes I like being spontaneous. 


Describe your style in terms of fashion:

I would say I'm a mix. It kinda depends on my mood and the weather! I'm somewhat of a gentlemen lumberjack with a streak of street style thrown across. 


What makes you happy?

TOO many things. My dog. My family. Spending time at my cabin. Or any cabin. Having a good game of cards or having a couple of patio/terrace beers on a sunny day with your friends. Most all of music. When I find books with great writing. People who laugh really obnoxiously or hardy. Basically my life in general. Find happiness in your surroundings. And if you can't. Change them. 


What is your favorite song at the moment, and of all time?

Another hard question. Right now I would say that sugar song by Maroon 5. It's so damn catchy! I know that will fade though. Most pop music does. Favorite of all time is incredibly hard. Into the mystic by van Morrison, faith to arise by Terry Reid, dirty work by Steely Dan, That's the way by Led Zeppelin, Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters by Elton john. The list could go on forever. 


What are some of your favorite movies?

"Almost Famous", Definitely number 1. The rest pale in comparison...


What is your guilty pleasure?

Eating junk food. Actually, I'm not even guilty about it. Give me some chips. 


Describe yourself in 5 words?

Adaptive, competitive, honest, empathetic, and funny  


What do you most value in others?



Name 2 things people don't know about you:

  1. I was a competitive swimmer and was supposed to swim for the Canada games. I quit before. Probably one of my biggest regrets...

  2. I've flown an 8 person Cessna plane before. 


What is your motto?

Do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow suit.


Any advice for men wanting to become models?

Don't let rejection turn you off. Use it to fire you up. Sometimes your look isn't what someone has for their artistic vision. Be authentic and eventually something will work. 


Any last words?

I think what you are doing with this project is very honourable and needed much more. Kudos to you my friend. Been a pleasure being a part of it. 


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