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Aldis Hodge

City on a Hill, What Men Want, Turn, Underground

What did you want to become when you were a child?

Many things. Marine biologist, architect, designer… Primarily anything that had to do with science and/or design. I was already an actor so it was already checked off the list.


You are a man of many talents; painter, actor, watchmaker... what got you interested in watchmaking?

I’ve always wanted to be an engineer of some sort and I hoped to build a company that I could pass down through my bloodline. I began attending school to become an architect/interior designer, but I would have had to quit acting to continue my pursuit so I happened to find a new passion. I fell in love watchmaking after I started randomly designing watches in class because I realized that they encompassed architecture, engineering, and art. Plus I could achieve my goal of building a company to leave for my family whilst still pursuing my acting career.


What serves as the greatest motivation for you in your daily life?

I’m heavily competitive with myself. So I’m motivated to live up to what I believe my potential to be. My family is also a huge source of motivation for me.


What aspects of your job as an actor do you like best/least?

I like being challenged in new ways on a regular basis most. As far as least – entertainment is quite a tough and unfair business. Being on set is fantastic, but sometimes what it takes to get there will challenge your concept of hope and belief and will make you question why you want to stay in this business.


What makes you happiest?

Being in my element artistically; whether that’s painting, designing, acting, creating, etc…


How do you handle criticism when it comes your way?

Depends on where it’s coming from. If it’s coming from someone who I know has my best interest in mind or someone I really trust, then I take the criticism with appreciation. Sometimes it can be tough to here, but iron sharpens iron. When it comes from random sources with elaborate opinions, I ignore it. Your job as an artist is not to appease everyone. It’s to service your own truth so you have to trust your instincts and cancel out the noise sometimes


What is the one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?

There are sooo many things. But mainly I wish I knew where my career was going to go so that I could get through life being a little easier on myself instead of worrying so much all of the time. Just having the strength to have the faith that everything was going to be okay.


What is your biggest guilty pleasure?



Describe yourself in five words:

Creative, passionate, ambitious, curious, caring (and if I can sneak a 6th word in there, stubborn)


How do you bounce back from a personal defeat?

Build up your relationship with failure and give it a purpose. Seek the opportunity within it. Most people waste time focusing on what they think they’ve lost instead of focusing on the space that was just created for them to chase a new opportunity. You can give a purpose to everything that happens. And failures are life’s greatest lessons and training sessions to prepare for success. See the value in it and it’s easier to deal with. Takes a lot of faith though.


What do you most value in others?

Loyalty, truth, support, love, confidence.


Name two things people don't know about you:

They don’t know what I fear and they don’t know how challenging my life has been


Do you have a motto in life / if so, what is it?

Plenty of mottos, but the most poignant ones are “Don’t become that which you despise the most” (came up with that for myself when I was 14). And “they [people] can take everything in the world away from you except for what you know”. Something my mom told me which is why I value education so much. You can take all my possessions, but because I’ve educated myself I can always earn it back many times over.


What one thing do you wish to see achieved in the next couple of years?

I would like to finish producing a few of my watches and I would like to produce a few of my ideas for film and television.


Any advice for those wanting to pursue a career in the arts/design/acting?

Don’t jump into this business for fame or money. Fame does not equal success and money does not equate to happiness. Get into this business because you want to contribute something to the craft. Something great to leave behind for others to learn from. And seek to help others grow. Don’t get caught up only in what you can do for yourself. Build a strong team. And believe in yourself unfathomably. This business will test your merit and will make you question how you value yourself. Don’t let anyone convince you that you are less than great.


Any last words?

Stay curious. An artist never grows in stagnation. What’s beautiful about the journey of life is that we are in a constant state of evolution. The same could be said about the craft. Fuel it’s constant growth. The day you think you know it all is the day your craft begins to die. Enjoy the fun and frustrations that come with the growth.

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