Takaya Honda


What did you want to become when you were a child?

I wanted to be everything, I think that was my problem. I liked the idea of being a pilot, a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer (‘inventor’ as I called it then). It didn’t take me too long to realize that if I became an actor I would have a chance to experience all of those things (without the responsibility too! ha).

How did your friends/family react when you told them you wanted to be an actor?

I’ve been very fortunate to have a supportive family as well as teachers and professionals around me who have encouraged me and given myself and my family confidence in my ability to achieve in such a volatile industry. So, in general I’ve been very lucky to be supported.

How long have you been acting for?

I guess since I was a kid! But professionally since 2008 when I went for my first professional audition for the role of Josh Lee in ‘A Gurls Wurld’ - a co-production between Germany, Singapore and Australia - which, fortunately I got.

Can you tell us anything about this budding romance between David & Aaron? What has been the fans' response to it so far?

No spoilers here, haha. But #Daaron has had a great response on social media, we have been super happy with how the fans have responded. The #Daawonwedding was a great day of filming (even though I was very sick) and I am so excited to see how the fans respond to it when it hits the air!

What serves as the greatest motivation for you in your daily life?

There is a thing i’ve been saying to myself for the last couple of years which is ‘be willing to be better than you were yesterday’. What that means to me is not that I have to BE better (as this is not possible in perpetuity) but to be willing to put in the effort. I can’t say there is one key motivator, as there are different motivators for different things. I do certainly have a strong personal drive.

Who inspires you in the industry?

Those who are able to translate their fame or celebrity into a charity or cause they are passionate about. I think it is quite a privilege that in this profession that with success we garner a public following that listen (granted mostly unwarranted) to what we say. I think it is important that we try to use this to better the world - beyond bringing entertainment and a form of escapism as we already do. 

What aspects of your job do you like best/least?

The fact that I struggle to call this work - I like that. I love that I have the opportunity to affect people with a performance. I dislike the homework - Learning lines can be a drag - I do like deconstructing them though. Having no control over your schedule can be frustrating. But in the scheme of things, the negatives are minimal. The hardest part is that you pretty much can’t get sick. (Note that this only refers to when you are working - when you are in between gigs, there are a plethora of difficulties)

What makes you happy?

My family, loved ones and friends. Acting and being Active. AND FOOD. LOVE FOOD. Just typing that has made me hungry!

How do you bounce back from a personal defeat?

I try to remember why I am doing something and search for the lesson that I can learn from it! If all else fails, I try to get away from things and let my mind reset!

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?

To have more fun and not take things too seriously - not that I would have changed any of it, because I’m pretty happy where I have ended up.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Playing Playstation.

Describe yourself in four words:

Loyal, friendly, empathetic, fair

Which living person do you admire most?

My dad. He has achieved amazing things in his life but I admire him most for the loyalty and dedication he has shown to my mother. He has provided her with unconditional support as she has suffered and deteriorated from Early onset Alzheimers disease. Many would have handed over the duty of caring for her a long time ago and I could not blame him or anyone else if they did, but it is a true sign of his character that he has not. I can only wish to be a tenth of the man he is.

What do you most value in people?

There are two things I value highly in a person. Loyalty and an effort to bring joy into the world. Which if you think about it, means I just wish everyone was a dog. The world would be a better place if we more like dogs.

What was the last book you recommended to a friend?

Bryan Cranston - A Life in Parts

Name three things people don't know about you:

My middle name Oscar comes from my great grandfather whose name was Oscar Strange;
I like building things; and

People close to me know this, but in general people wouldn’t know how competitive i am. I can’t help myself most of the time. which can be great as it gives me drive, but I wish there was a switch for it because it can get me into trouble.

What is your motto?

To be willing to work harder than I did yesterday.

What in life is important to you?

People, happiness and food! 

Any advice for those wanting to become actors?

Don’t give up. Don’t give up on acting and don’t give up any other dream you may have because you think you have to for the sake of acting. You don’t have to be a struggling actor, you can achieve whatever else you want and still be pursuing acting. At a point you may have to make time for it, but I’ve seen it time and time again that you are able to follow other pursuits and not jeopardise ‘acting’.

Any last words?


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