Michelle Stafford

October 2014 - "Nina" on General Hospital / Michelle on "The Stafford Project"


1.First & foremost, congratulations on the success for your web series The Stafford Project, how did the idea for this show come about?

This project came about because I had been going through a well-documented rough time being a mom.  Once my daughter grew up I thought « now it’s done & the easy part comes ». Being a single mom to my wonderful daughter, I would turn around and different things would blow up in my face - My life seemed to be a comedy and I thought it would make for a funny show. What might be tough to some, I found funny to me...


I asked a few to join in on creating this webseries with me, and they jumped in.

The web is where it’s at right now (in terms of medium) and we all jumped right into it…



2. When can we expect season two to start ?

We are currently shopping around and looking for an investor, soon, sometime in 2015.  Investors want to see what will happen, so the whole season’s outline has been drawn out and pulled together. We also have the cast and season unfold. 



3. Ron/Frank are a dream team who seem to care as much about the fans as they do about delivering great storylines, and writing strong female characters; do you think this helped you with making a decision to come back to daytime?


I have known Frank for a long time, always had a great relationship with him. Bottom line : They just wanted me on the show (laughs) and WHO doesn’t want to be wanted ?

They have a really great team over there. The show is filmed differently than when I was on Y&R (where she played Phyllis), the film lighting showcases more of our expressions, it is crisp and clear- Which allows for more expressions to come through on camera.



4. Is there anyone on set you would love to share more scenes with ?

There are so many great actors on the show, I would LOVE to work with Finola (Hughes, - Anna)… we are coming close, would be so much fun to have a scene with her. Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) is another actress I would love to have scenes with.



5. You seem to be having a great time in your scenes with Maura West (Ava) ; how is it working with her?

She is great, so amazing, a total team player. I highly recommend watching the next few week’s episodes leading to Halloween… and everything that happens after Halloween, spectacular. Not just in terms of my storyline but everyone else’s. A lot of great scenes are going to take place. 


  Will you be in a costume ?

(laughs) I might be … I might not be (laughs)



5. Who inspires you in the industry & in life in general?

Well gosh, George Clooney – such integrity as an artist, genuine, he seems to care about the projects he works for/in. My mother inspires me - she is amazing. 



6. Any advice for actors/actresses wanting to make it in the industry ?

Keep on going, it is a tough business because it can be very personal. It is very competitive, but if you love it keep on going and don't give up.



7. What makes you happy in life?

Love, and creating and family, friends … like everybody else.



8. Describe yourself in 5 words:

Lighthearted, truthful, volatile, witty, as-unserious-as-you-can-get



9. Name 2 things that most people don't know about you:

  1. I don’t drink coffee

  2. I love interior design



10. Any last words?

A lot of people on social media don’t know I am on General Hospital. I want them to know because it is such a great show and so entertaining. I am really fortunate to be an actor, and to work, & very fortunate that people want to see me. I am really excited about this new venture and I hope it comes across on screen. I am enjoying myself.


Thank you


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