Michael Urie

February 2013


Who have been some of the greatest influences in your life and why?

I've always been a fan of Jack Nicholson, since as far back as the age of 8 when I first saw Batman.  I remember that movie being the moment when I "got" acting, and that he was a very very good actor.  Later, I learned a lot about comedy from watching people like John Ritter, Dudley Moore and Bernadette Peters.  Seeing Max Wright on Broadway in Twelfth Night when I was 17 was another huge moment for me.

"Ugly Betty" has been off the air for a few years, yet the fans are still outraged over its cancellation, what is it about the show that you think hit such a cord with such different groups of fans?

I think Ugly Betty was really ABOUT something.  It spoke to all of us, because we've all felt like Betty, and wished we'd reacted the way she did.  She always took the high road, which is a hard thing to do.  Overcoming adversity is such a incredible quality, one that we all aspire to, and hope we can achieve at various points throughout our lives.  Betty did it all the time.  Also, the costumes were fab!  :0)


What do you admire most about yourself, and on the flip side, what do you deplore the most about yourself?

I think my ambition is far more powerful than my insecurities, and I am very good and keeping my artistic brain constantly working.  It's a tricky thing to do in this business, which is filled with so many "no" answers.  But, finding a way to be a self employed artist, as well as an artist for hire, has really helped me to deal with (and not mind) rejection.  On the flip side, I deplore myself when I do let the little things get me down.  I will harp over tiny things sometimes, but luckily I have a cute dog and she makes me feel better.

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

I love cheesy action movies.  I'll watch pretty much anything Stallone is in, I don't know why, I just can't get enough!  I'm hoping to some day appear in a big crazy action movie.  I always made Vanessa Williams tell me stories about her time working with Ahhnold on ERASER.  :0)  I think I'll always be that 8 year old kid who loved Batman.

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