Blake Berris


How did your friends/family react when you told them you wanted to be an actor?

My parents were supportive. But when I had a manager approach me in high school, they said i couldn't start auditioning in LA until I could drive myself. 


When you were a child, what did you dream of becoming?

I've wanted to be an actor from a really early age. Unfortunately I never grew out of it. 


How long have you been acting for?

I did theater growing up and studied it in college. I began working professionally while I was at UCLA. 


What has been your greatest accomplishment so far:

I try not to be accomplishment-oriented. Every project brings new people and ways of thinking into your life. Some turnout better than others. Some are more fun, more fulfilling. Each project, each character makes you grow in a different way.


You had a pretty great run on Days of Our Lives; what have you been up to since your character Nick was killed off in 2014?

I took a pivot to writing. I have two films I wrote which will go into production in 2015. A film for Lifetime will shoot in January, and a political thriller will shoot in PA in the Spring. I'm also acting in a film right now called The Highway Is for Gamblers w/ Nikki Reed, Bonnie Wright, and Joe Jonas.  


"Soap fans" are known to be die-hard fans, are there any great/kind moments you would like to share?

I have a fan named Diana Rogers who held a vigil for Nick Fallon when he died. That was amazing. 


What aspects of your job do you like best/least?

The actor's life is unpredictable. That's what's great about and terrible about it. Planning a vacation is nearly impossible, but I also could be flying to Romania next week for a mini-series. I like that.


What makes you happy?

Long dinners with family and friends. Good wine, good food. 


Name two things on your bucket list:

Oh man! I have to write a bucket list! I guess that's the first one... I'll get back to you on the second. 


What are some of your favorite movies?

2001: A Space Odyssey


Waiting For Guffman

Five Easy Pieces


What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

A cigarette every now and then is great.


Describe yourself in 5 words:








Which living person do you admire most?

My sister.


What do you most value in people?



Name two things that people don't know about you:

I think I've answered this question so many times, people actually know everything about me. 


What is your motto?

For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. 


Any advice for those wanting to become actors?

Be relentless if you love it.


Any last words?

Suddenly, I feel like there's a gun to my head.


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